Sproule and Songwriting

In this video over on YouTube, Devon Sproule – complete with husband Paul Curreri – discusses the process of songwriting. The video’s a few years old, and seems to hail from around the time that people were still surprised by Sproule’s shift in sound and material from Upstate Songs to the jazzy, rootsy Keep Your Silver Shined. That former album – one of Rolling Stone‘s picks of the year in 2003 – is characterised by Sproule in that interview as callow:

I think when you’re young it’s really easy to write very emotionally, and very sort of confessionally. And it’s nice to move past that and write in a more focused way that is still … still feels honest in expressing what you want to express, but is also more purposeful, I think, and less haphazard in its emotional output.

This jumped out at me in a way few snippets from YouTube videos viewed at 1 in the morning can. A lot of the songwriters around me have been feeling the need to write differently, and to prpduce songs less haphazard in their emotional output. By the same token, all the best wants are loath to abandon the sort of sincerity she’s speaks about. Sproule managed it with a Gibson ES-125. Any donations?


2 thoughts on “Sproule and Songwriting

  1. Queasy Jamerson Perrage says:

    You had your archtop based chance Hartland, and you let it slip like you didn’t even care….but I’m sure another english made archtop from the 30’s in very good condition at a very very reasonable price will come around again, it’s almost guarenteed. (I hope my sarcasm has come across quite strongly here, as that was certainly the intention)

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