Sun, Spas and Spain

Still don't get it...

A memorable weekend for a variety of reasons – new people, new places, and pretty special weather. We spent some of the weekend, including Friday evening, in Cheltenham, and ate at The Beehive – good food, fine bear. Recommended if you ever find yourself hungry whilst in Montpellier. (It might also be the case that the bean burgers at Ha Ha! looked tempting, but that would suggest far less local knowledge.)

The World Cup final, meanwhile, turned out to be something of a choppy affair – often quite literally. A shame following the far more free-flowing, goals-heavy affair of the third-place match before it, in which Germany and Uruguay did not perhaps play with all their spirit, but in which they nevertheless showed some abandon. The Netherlands’ cynical play, and Spain’s continued weakness at the goalmouth, might have might for a frustrating match had the midfield not seen such a fascinating contest. Even better, the best team won – thankfully without having to resort to penalties.

Good times.


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