(Penguin Classics) Red

A very thoughtful – nay, percipient – friend has sent me for my birthday the (Penguin Classics) Red set. I say the set, but said friend is so wise that she didn’t even bother sending me the 8th volume in the series, Dickens’s Great Expectations, knowing as she does my general lack of enthusiasm for Dickens’s turgid prose. So what I have is a Stoker, a Zola, a Tolstoy and a Dostoevsky, a Conrad, a James, and a Wharton. That’s a pretty good birthday present right there.

Not only is Product (Red) an excellent cause doing wonderful work; not only are the texts themselves obviously of the highest quality; but the special covers designed for these editions are little wonders of design. The cover for Dracula, the only of these seven I have properly read, is gloriously gothic; the cover for The Secret Agent draws a hidden message out of its expressionist chaos. Their typographic tricks are lovely.

So thanks, chum!


5 thoughts on “(Penguin Classics) Red

    • danhartland says:

      I know, I know – I’m deficient as a human being. I keep thinking I should give Chuck a second chance, but then I remember the last time I did that.

      • I believe the phrase is: ‘you’re wrong and you’re a grotesquely ugly freak’.

        Late Dickens, for me. Always Late Dickens: Bleak House, Dorrit, Our Mutual Friend. But I’m unusual. The standard line is: ‘read David Copperfield it’s really good you know.’

        • danhartland says:

          David and I really didn’t get on. Does this make me even uglier? In the face of such invective, though, I might give Our Mutual Friend a go. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

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