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Bake with Compassion 2010

Last week, my wonderful Mom took part in Bake with Compassion 2010 (7th – 13th June). She made large batches of yummy cakes and cupcakes, with iced flowers, coloured sprinkles, icing sugar and butterflies. They were enjoyed by family and friends over the weekend.  Great for Dan’s Birthday, too!  Thank you Mom!!!

Just for the record, Bake with Compassion is organised by Compassion in World Farming to encourage people to do just that. Using high welfare ingredients in baking can help to improve the lives of so many farm animals. Animals do not suffer just for their meat – eggs, milk, butter, cream and cheese often come from intensively reared animals, who lead short and miserable lives, seen simply as agricultural resources rather than living creatures.

Compassion in World Farming campaigns to improve the living conditions of farm animals, promoting the use of high welfare animal ingredients, such as free-range and organic.  Such standards mean animals, whose products are used in baking, have more freedom to behave in ways natural to them. Chickens can roam, scratch and peck, cows can graze and are able to keep their young for longer.  On the other side of the spectrum, battery hens live in crowded cages, and dairy cows have their calves taken right after birth, the males slaughtered or fattened for veal. And if you’re talking about meat – high welfare pigs are able to live outdoors in stable social groups, to roll in mud and run, whereas many pigs (the vast majority) live indoors, in tiny pens, the pregnant females often in crates.  If we are to take our ingredients from animals, it seems only fair that we treat them with respect and dignity. This is not only better for the animal, but also for us. Intensively reared animals are fed cocktails of drugs just to keep them alive, for this reason such farms are also unsustainable and environmentally hazardous.

So, for all these reasons, I really wanted to use this blog post to promote Mom’s cause. She has supported Compassion in World Farming for years, and has been a vegetarian for longer. And I know she has given away more cakes than she sold! She always eats and cooks with compassion, and her bright and colourful cakes are happier cakes for that reason! And so, they taste even better!


2 thoughts on “Bake with Compassion 2010

  1. Thank you Anna for blogging about Bake with Compassion week. It is wonderful to hear all about your mums Bake with Compassion event. The week was a great success with Compassion in World Farming supporters baking up and down the country to raise funds and awareness for farm animals.

    Thank you as well to Valerie for all your hard work in baking and selling your compassionate cupcakes. They look delicious! We all truly appreciate your commitment to improving the lives of farm animals. Thank you.

  2. Anna French says:

    Hi Sian!

    Thank you so much for your comment. My Mom and I strongly support ‘Compassion in World Farming’ – so it’s really nice to hear from you.


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