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Nolo Episcopari

Inside the Cathedral

I’ve been reading Trollope again. You might dimly remember his eternally relevant thoughts on sandwiches. In Barchester Towers, however, he is even more percipient on the matter of the hypocrisy of public demand:

If we look to our clergymen to be more than men, we shall probably teach ourselves to think that they are less, and can hardly hope to raise the character of the pastor by denying to him the right to entertain the aspirations of a man.

In the wake of bigotgate, and what looks to be the last sapping of real will from the Labour campaign, we’d do well to remember that, and ask again what’s so good about that nice Mr Cameron. Hopi Sen has some frustrated thoughts on all this horse race nonsense.

We spent part of our weekend in another cathedral city, Worcester – one of our favourite cathedrals in England, and fortunately on our very doorstep. On a sunny day, there isn’t much better than a walk along the Severn.


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