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The Gardening Pixie is Back!!!

The past few months have been a bit harsh for gardeners.  The cold weather has seen off many plants in our garden, including many old favourites, like our rosemary and basil, the carrots and even the winter lettuce.  The freezing temperatures were also too much for our two elderly fish.

The Gardening Pixie was so saddened by the situation, she decided to go on holiday for a few months.  She returned this week to see that, with just a few days of spring sunshine, the garden is returning to life. 

Many plants, such as the parsley and spinach, are sprouting new baby shoots.  The biggest successes are our leeks!  I’m not really sure when you’re meant to pick leeks.  But we have some lovely fat ones, which we pulled up and ate with a butterbean hotpot yesterday.  Hmmmmm!  Also, ironically, the sprouts, which were meant to be for Christmas, have suddenly started growing.  Perhaps we’ll have sprouts for the summer!  Who knows.

We have now started planting fruit and vegetables for this year, we will write about their progress here!!   And we’ve cleaned out our pond, to establish it for some new fishy friends!  We’ve also been researching organic gardening solutions over the winter months, so hopefully the garden will be buzzing with kind activity this year!

Bye for now!  The Gardening Pixie xXx


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