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‘Nothing Like You’: Frightened Rabbit

"The Winter of Mixed Drinks"

Frightened Rabbit’s The Midnight Organ Fight was one of the surprise joys of 2008: stirring whilst also being quite, quite miserable, its modest little package, all pencil drawings and compact size, contained an album which sprawled whilst also maintaining its focus. Its title, of course, is an unwieldy euphemism for sex, and Scott Hutchison’s lyrics delved deep into its fall-0ut. It was a break-up record, but, rarely, a startling and revelatory one. Its follow up, released earlier this month as The Winter of Mixed Drinks, contains a song entitled ‘Not Miserable’; it is emphatically nothing so straight-forward as a break-up record. It is also, strangely, not nearly as surprising as its forebear.

This may be because Frightened Rabbit have become a five-piece. The constraints of the trio once called them to unusual efforts; the more common quintet format offers them a broader musical pallet but also access to the usual tricks – twinkly guitar parts over heavy rhythm chords, lilting bass over freed-up drumming. Grant Hutchison on skins remains the band’s secret weapon – loose-limbed and creative, his percussion adds an extra, skipping dimension to what are essentially indie folk songs. But I can’t shake the feeling that the new space he has been given has led him to try out all the cool stuff he’s heard and wants to do, rather than develop his own style to fill the constraints of what have always been his brother’s straining-to-be-anthemic compositions.

Scott’s lyrics, too, whilst still more literate than most others, feel less arresting – there’s no ‘The Modern Leper’ here, and certainly no ‘My Backwards Walk’. Nor does the album feature as musically a refreshing moment as the keening, airy ‘Good Arms vs Bad Arms’: The Winter of Mixed Drinks feels more uniform, and stodgier as a result, despite its ostensibly sunnier disposition.

I hate reviews of albums which go along the lines of ‘I really liked this band’s last album – this one is nothing like it, and sucks!’ I am conscious this is my argument here, and particularly given the singular circumstances in which Hutchison wrote the painful The Midnight Organ Fight, expecting another such album is unreasonable. In addition, this disappointment is unfair on songs like ‘Swim Until You Can’t See Land’ or ‘Man/Bag of Sand’, which offer a great deal to the attentive listener; The Winter of Mixed Drinks is a fine album with some fine songs, and you should listen to it. I expect it to grow on me throughout the year. But overall the new album doesn’t strike me as much as the last – Frightened Rabbit aren’t as interesting on this release. I hate reviews that make this argument, but sometimes I just agree with them.


7 thoughts on “‘Nothing Like You’: Frightened Rabbit

  1. danhartland says:

    Nigel, you absolutely have to check them out – I feel almost churlish writing the above, because they are one of the best British bands around at the minute. But, yes, The Midnight Organ Fight is the one to go for.

    Cheers for stopping by!

  2. abrinsky says:

    Rather harsh on what is still a fine album. On the face of it less bleak – as generally faster, more ‘rock’ like – but lyrically just are melancholy “all I want is a place to lie, guess a grave will have to do” (Skip the Youth). Suspect it is one that will gain on repeat listening (and on another matter the new Besnard Lakes is just excellent).

  3. danhartland says:

    You’re absolutely right – it’s a fine album, though I’m not sure the lyric you quote is melancholy in the same way as ‘TMOF’. Fatalistic, perhaps. I think you’re right, too, that it’s a grower, and these two facts taken together represent the reason I hate reviews like the one above. But it’s still, alas, how I felt on my first listens… My bad, obvs!

  4. Hi Dan, well I’ve now bought this album (my local shop was out of the Midnight Organ Fight) and am enjoying it thoroughly. As I’m new to this band I’m coming at it with fresh ears, but it’s gorgeous – I’m pretty sure it’ll be in my Top Ten albums of 2010. And as I’m in Australia and we’re heading towards winter, this could be the soundtrack to the next few months! Regardless of the tone of your review – I read it as frustration rather than complete disappointment – your words encouraged me to have a listen for myself. So thanks for that.

  5. danhartland says:

    Nigel, I’m sure fresh ears will greet The Winter of Mixed Drinks rapturously, yes! Really glad you went out and got the record despite my frustration (good characterisation); do get The Midnight Organ Fight when you can, too.


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