Birthday Weekend has Birthdays

It was a weekend of two birthdays, meaning we spent time with friends, ate good food, chewed the fat, and generally relaxed in fine company.We also saw Alice in Wonderland, which is very much a Disney film first and a Tim Burton film a poor second – but which also has some fun moments and Helena Bonham Carter. We weren’t keen on Alice-in-armour, but the first half seemed the right balance between weirdness and accessibility; once the film turned into a Chronicles of Narnia sequel, though, it went a bit pear-shaped. This means it’s well worth paying the extra money to see the film in 3D – it distracts you a bit more.

Dan also played a short set at Birmingham’s Irish Centre – and though the crowd was ‘select’ there were new songs. The same was true of Mellow Peaches’ set, which made for some good times, and the impromptu donning of some of those 3D glasses.