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The Dog That Barked

Anna spotted a DVD boxset in HMV the other day which she couldn’t resist drawing my attention to. She thought the little dogs were cute, but little did she know that Sherlock Hound (for it was he) was an old acquaintance of mine. OK, Princess Monanoke it isn’t, but Hayao Miyazaki’s 1980s TV series was indeed part of my Holmes fetish.

Actually, I’d forgotten all about him. But that box image brought back a single dim memory of a diecast vehicle – which must still be somewhere  – with a plastic hound pulling its levers. (Yes, levers. I don’t know.) Brilliantly, Hound is driving this car in the opening seconds of what seems to be the first episode of the series.

I notice from its wikipedia entry that Sherlock Hound predated Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective by a couple of years. Interesting anthropomorphic coincidence that – especially given the resemblance between Hound’s nemesis Moriarty and Basil’s antagonist, Rattigan. In Disney’s defense, their film was based on Basil of Baker Street, Eve Titus’s 1958 children’s book. (Which I haven’t read – a non-canon work for the list?)

The first extended piece of writing I ever put to paper was probably a little Sherlock Holmes story – certainly that’s the first I remember. Sherlock Hound, forgotten but for that boxset, might have something to answer for…


4 thoughts on “The Dog That Barked

  1. Good purchase!

    Back in the 80s, French TV didn’t have the money to make its own cartoons so they imported a load of (not necessarily kid-friendly) Japanese cartoons and this was one of them. I seem to remember a plot arc as I saw a few episodes but could never make any sense of it.

  2. danhartland says:

    Jonathan, I didn’t actually buy the set – though may well when the next paycheque comes in. I also read that TGMD is being released on DVD shortly…

    Martin: no. Rubbish, isn’t it?

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