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Beyond the Gallery Walls

The Fourth Wall...

I’ve just joined Twitter, and I’ve ‘tweeted’ twice.  This is all part of my ‘great social media experiment’ for my museum studies course.  I want to get to grips with how art galleries use blogs and social networking sites to engage with audiences.

And engage they do, it’s a wide world out there, well beyond the four walls of many galleries.  I’m especially caught by the V&A’s resident bloggers: artists and professionals who embody the gallery’s messages as contemporary creators, and extend the gallery’s message from the past into the present.

I’ve been following Stuart Frost’s blog on the making of the Medieval and Renaissance galleries, which opened early last December, with interest.  I’m fascinated by how medieval and early modern objects can be exhibited and interpreted for modern audiences.  Also worth a look as is Concealed, Discovered, Revealed, Sue Lawty’s blog on how traditional and contemporary, historical and modern, textile techniques can be entwined to produce truly innovate designs.


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