Weekend Links

We’ve been quiet because busy, and so we mostly spent the weekend doing nothing whatsoever. A few things which pierced the fug:

Chinua Achebe in the Guardian, on Nigeria.

Julian Barnes, also in the Guardian, with a slight but sly short story.

Charles Blattberg at his blog on why everything is the fault of Sherlock Holmes.

And, only about a year after it was actually published, Erin Cashier’s rather fun story, The Hangman.

Otherwise, we mostly watched Three Men and a Little Lady. Yes, we did. Steve Guttenberg has promised us a sequel.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Links

  1. danhartland says:

    Isn’t it? I’ve been reading Dreams From My Father, and whilst of course you don’t expect the same from Barack Obama as you did from Chinua Achebe, the ways in which the latter provided a richer and deeper meditation on similar themes in a single page than the former did in a whole, slightly ponderous, book really struck me this weekend.

    Tom Selleck’s good as well, though.

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