Away from 71 At 71

Our week in Whinfell Forest, Cumbria, was a much-needed break for us, as we’ve had a busy few months.  And we returned to number 71!  It was also an early Christmas for us – we exchanged presents, walked in powdery white snow, watched lots of DVDs and listened to seasonal tunes.  We were able to cook lots of winter food, and occasionally ventured out for hot breakfasts. The icy weather made for beautiful scenes of the forest, and we had a magical time away from the hustle and bustle of home.  You might gather from this we spent a lot of time lazing around, and we did. Glorious!

It was jarring to return to the real world, where people just don’t seem as Christmasy yet!  We’ll have to wait for Christmas Eve to perhaps glimpse reindeer again. Some highlights:



The very cold!

The cold outside, though, just meant
it was cosier indoors…

For more where that came from, there are photos at Dan‘s Flickr…

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