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The Gardening Pixie: Lean Pickings

Compost Colours...

he winter has been a bit harsh on the Gardening Pixie’s vegetable garden.  For the first time we have attempted to grow a winter crop this year.  We have brussels sprouts, Leeks, carrots and winter lettuce.

Sadly, the lettuce is limp; the carrots are tiny and the sprouts are growing, but certainly won’t yield a Christmas crop.  Perhaps our garden is not sunny enough to grow much this time of year.

Yet, on a more positive note!  The Leeks are growing well, and we can use them in soups and stews.  We also have an abundance of herbs: plenty of sage and rosemary (all grown from seed!).  These are perfect for Christmas foods; such as sage and onion stuffing and rosemary roast potatoes.

Even more positive, the compost is thriving!  Yes, you may laugh.  But compost is a brilliant way to dispose of kitchen waste and scrap paper or card.  Hopefully, it will be all rich and crumbly in time for Spring, and will provide a fairly organic start to next year’s crop.

Bye for now, The Gardening Pixie X

Very Baby Carrots


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