Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out

The Sheepwalks

We did our best to drop out this weekend after a busy preceding week for both of us – some tense deadlines gave us a good excuse for a little indulgence. So on Friday we stayed in and made ourselves a creditable spaghetti carbonara – though with linguine, and some homemade garlic bread. It may be that Dan over-did the garlic, but everyone was far too polite to complain. (Incidentally, Morrison’s Freedom Food bacon is now branded as ‘SpoiltPig‘ – does this make you feel better or worse about eating the stuff?)

We spent much of Saturday lazing away, too – we got ourselves a copy of the weekend Guardian, but neither of us felt too switched on. Anna did enjoy the ethical living supplement – is anyone else following some mixture of the 10:10 challenges? The Christmas Books feature was worth a scan, too – Brooklyn seemed to come out well. One for the To-Be-Read pile?

Dinner with friends on Saturday evening was followed on Sunday by a very pleasant winter walk on the Enville estate – the sheep are back on the Sheepwalks, which is wonderful to see after our autumn walk there felt a little lonely without them! We were lucky to avoid Sunday’s sheeting rain, which meant the evening, alas, saw us back to work. Though at least a little refreshed!

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