Soul Sisters...

I’ve had ‘one of those weeks’ this week. A frowning ‘hour’ (week!) – I am doubting our society’s sanity and fearing for the well-being of Earth! I actually heard the headline ‘is Obama the man to save our planet’? Seriously? He’s one man! How much can one person actually be expected to do exactly? How much can anyone do?

I start to think, if I don’t compost this tea bag, what exactly will happen? Probably nothing. And if I refuse to buy this bottle of animal tested stuff, will it stop unnecessary vivisection? Probably not. The scale of the problem seems just too big. In the words of a comedian I heard this week, it equates to going to an earthquake site with a dustpan and brush.

One of my best friends has often told me that she feels like this. That she wants to be able to live up to her own moral expectations, but often can’t. At school, Lucie was one of the people who influenced me the most. She drank Café Direct (in the early 90s, this was some mean feat). She had a solar panel on her house and pigs in her garden! She campaigned for human rights and she wanted to save the world. We looked ridiculously alike and called ourselves ‘soul sisters’. And at thirteen at school, we wanted to be just like Lucie! But, realistically, I was probably too busy painting my nails blue and shopping in Miss Selfridge to really understand.

We’re grown up now, and have very different lives. Lucie has travelled the world and works for charity. Admittedly, I am still somewhat more self-indulgent! And prefer mind travelling, and own far too many clothes (many secondhand, I hasten to add!). But I owe many of my beliefs to Lucie.

Today Lucie’s leaving for parts of Africa not visited by many, as part of her charity work for Motivation. I have huge respect for her strength of character, and her belief that her actions can help others. She genuinely wants to and will make a difference. And so, I think the least I can do is to compost my tea bags and rinse out our Marmite pots. With a little bit of awareness, everyone can make a difference…

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