Photos from our weekend...

Anna has always been a big fan of Hallowe’en, so we try to celebrate it in style each year. This year’s All Hallows’ Eve coincided with a housesitting, so we abused our host kitchen to carve two pumpkin lanterns and use the proceeds to concoct a pumpkin linguine (the recipe for which we may have stolen from Anna’s friend, Katie). With organic bacon, garlic and onions added to the quantities of pumpkin, we managed to put together a subtle dish with some interesting flavours.

Most exciting, of course, were the jack o’lanterns, which we lit on Hallowe’en using children’s birthday candles which in no way made them less threatening.

Spooky, too, was our twilight walk in the Malvern Hills. Originally meant to be a pleasant afternoon stroll, we performed our usual tricks of misjudging the path, forgetting the time, and not bringing a map along. The waxing moon glowered down at us as we finally emerged into the comparatively bright lights of Great Malvern – rarely have we been as pleased to sit down in a Cafe Nero!

We hope you had a great Hallowe’en weekend, too. Just remember – always take a compass!


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