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Attingham Park

Attingham Park

Attingham Park

I have recently started a Museum and Heritage course, which means I am able to visit some lovely places!  I especially enjoyed a visit to Attingham Park, a beautiful 18th century mansion, owned by the National Trust. 

grand-regency-dining-roomThanks to a well-funded project, ‘Attingham Rediscovered’, the property is researching Regency interior design.  There are wonderful examples of beautiful fabrics and painted details.  Fabrics, painted walls and pieces of furniture have been painstakingly restored.  In some instances, replica decorations and furnishings have been displayed, informed by traces of evidence such as wall samples, as well as inventories and letters relating to the house to provide an accurate portrayal of how the house may have been furnished – hence ‘Rediscovered’.

Especially worth a look is the dining room, which features a candlelight food display, designed by the same person who made food displays for Hampton Court (I wish I knew who this person is??!!).

It’s well worth a visit!  I really want to go back, to explore the park further…


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