Things Missed



OK, so when we said ‘queues or no queues’, what we meant was ‘we’ll sleep in and then decide the queues would be too long’. The plan is now to visit the Staffordshire hoard on Friday. Wish our alarm clocks luck.

Another area in which Dan at least have been remiss is political blogging. The summer is never up to much for proper comment – it all gets a bit guttery and gossipy (oh, OK, there was the Libya controversy and the G20, but so what?), but the conference season is the starting gun for a whole new round of the usual Westminstery. He’ll be trying to keep up again. The Cliff notes so far seem suitably bite-size – the Lib Dems have no unifying theme, Labour does but can’t communicate it, and the Tories have a new tough side to show us. This long general election campaign looks set to be a grim one indeed.

The Gardening Pixie, too, was elsewhere this weekend – we expect a return in the not too distant future! As a preview, the war on slugs continues…


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