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The Gardening Pixie: Harvest

hen I was little, about this time of year, we always celebrated ‘Harvest Festival’ at school.  Loaves of bread, piles of autumn fruits and pumpkins would lie in abundance at the front of the assembly hall, and we sang hymns and songs for a special service.  Back at home, I’d swap playing outside for sitting in and reading, books like Charlotte’s Webb or Enid Blyton’s Hedgerow Tales.

Those days are long over, yet autumn still holds its magic.  Here are a few autumn pics to share…

Our little apple tree has never produced apples before, this year it grew about ten!  They’re quite hard and bitter, so we will cook them in pies…

Pixie in the Sage...

Pixie in the Sage...

My herb garden is doing particularly well this autumn, especially the rosemary and sage plants.  I’m proud of these, as I grew them from seed in the spring. Sage makes really nice homemade stuffing, to go with roasts (including nut roast!) and rosemary is very tasty cooked in the oven with roast potatoes or baked into a cheese and herb bread (we cook this one – very good!).

I’ve also been composting old plants and autumn leaves, along with kitchen waste.  A really cool idea was to add shredded confidential mail, which can’t be recycled.

Finally, autumn is a great time for crisp morning walks.  We spent some of this weekend walking through Kingsford Country Park in Worcestershire, which is just beautiful. Though Dan wasn’t much of a fan of the Indian Summer insects!

The Gardening (and Nature Loving!) Pixie, X


Autumn Views...


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