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Bob the Flapper?

I popped into my hairdressers this week, just for a trim as per usual.  I came out (much to my shock!) with something of a 1920s Flapper bob.  The dangers of a new hairdresser!  One inch he promised.  When my hair is wet, I look like a boy.

Over time, and a huge glass of ice-cream (thank you Dan!) I now quite like it.  It got me thinking, and looking at images, photos and paintings of Flapper girls, and how a particular look or style can relate to a social outlook.  After all, there’s no point dressing in a certain way, unless you know why.  These are the images I like most, I think they’re beautiful.

Click for Bob 2...
Click for Bob 3 ...

Drinking, smoking, outrageous sex and jazz.  These girls were glamorous rebels.  Sadly, I feel that I may not have been a Flapper if I’d have lived in the 20s.  And I still think that long and wavy locks are probably more me.  It will just take me a few years to get there again!


3 thoughts on “A Bob Blog

  1. Su says:

    1. Because I originally read this post via an RSS feed, I actually got to the end of the first paragraph before I realised it wasn’t written by Dan :-p

    2. This post is useless without photos!

    3. Dan specifically mentioned how good your hair looks when I spoke to him yesterday 🙂

  2. Bonnie says:

    Oh I love the bob. I’ve had variations of it since 1986 or so.

    I’m sure it’s adorable, framing your adorable face quite fetchingly.

  3. annafrench says:

    Ah thank you guys! 🙂

    I could Flickr a pic Su (Also, Dan said you’re looking for veggie work shoes? Believe it or not, Marks has some quite nice ones! :p)

    And I too love the bob, Bonnie!

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