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Gardening Pixie: Further Adventures

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ell, it’s been a long time since The Gardening Pixie’s last blog.  I had intended to blog more regularly, but as always time goes so fast, and it seems that the end of the summer has flown by!

And things have definitely changed in the garden over the past few weeks.  We have now prepared for the next season.   Our compost heap is also growing steadily.  Many laugh at my compost!  But, you’d never believe how much it reduces household waste (I’ll write in more detail about that next time!).  Gone are the courgettes, peppers and tomatoes (I was very sad to pick their last slightly squidgy fruits and to throw them into the compost), and in are the leeks, carrots and sprouts (yes, sprouts).

I prepared a small vegetable patch, using compost from our garden, some fertiliser pellets, and then planted some small plants donated to me by a family friend.  They seem to be doing well, despite the slug invasion (I try to pick slugs and snails by hand, and to move them somewhere less cultivated, but I’m afraid some have succumbed to pellets).  I have a few other autumn seeds to sow, yet, despite a very busy group of wild bees, the garden does not seem to be humming anymore.  So, it’s time to think about the spring, and about growing more veg next year!

I want to try to harness organic gardening practises more thoroughly.  I think it’s important to remember that plants and vegetables in a garden are all part of an ecosystem, which incorporates the soil, insects, birds and animals.  As a newcomer to ‘growing my own’, I think my first year has gone quite well.  But, I couldn’t quite get my head around how to feed my veg organically (my local garden centre said it isn’t possible?).  So, I couldn’t have grown as much as I did without the occasional use of chemical feed and pellets.  I really disliked the fact that I’d had to handle, and ultimately eat, all these chemicals, so I hope to develop my organic-know-how over the winter.

One very good UK site is Garden Organic. I’m also finding advice posted on Organic Garden and Organic Garden (!) – really helpful.  So, hopefully things will continue to prosper!  Happy Gardening, The Gardening Pixie X

One which got away...

One that got away...


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