Carmen Harrera at the Ikon

Rojo y Blanco, by Carmen Herrera
Rojo y Blanco, by Carmen Herrera

We celebrated our second anniversary today in part by visiting the Ikon Gallery in Birmingham city centre. The gallery’s currently exhibiting works by Carmen Herrera, the abstract Cuban artist. Her first solo show in Europe, it is a tastefully arranged exhibition – the white walls of the exhibition space are flat planes which yield to Herrerra’s playful conception of space and shape. Her black and whites in particular seem to rise up out of the walls, although for us the most successful pieces are the three dimensional stand-alones – they seem to allow a richer relationship with the geometry which is the art’s subject than the two dimensional pieces. Nevertheless, the bold Blanco y Verdes, and particularly Rojo y Blanco and Red and White, achieve something close to the same striking effect in their depth of block colour and simple, pointed intrusions, like unusual close-ups you can’t quite place. Laura Cumming has some more words here.

Also on show were some of David Sherry‘s (we think earlier) videos, which amused whilst not quite feeling as considered as Herrera’s work. Perhaps that’s the point.

As a fortuitous little kink in the day, one of the helpful Ikon employees we came across was none other than Matt of Colour, one of whose nights happened to be one of our very first dates. Happy anniversary indeed!

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