Mellow Peaches, ‘Biscuits and Cobblers’

Mellow Peaches, 'Biscuits and Cobblers'

Mellow Peaches, 'Biscuits and Cobblers'

Regular readers might remember a recording session I took part in a few months ago. Finally, the CD which is the product of those sessions has been released. Biscuits and Cobblers, the second EP from Black Country bluesmen Mellow Peaches, has its official launch night this coming Thursday, but copies are now available from the band. Now, OK, Amit and Rich are good friends of mine and, yes, I play on the CD – but that’s at least in part because I’ve always been so impressed by their music.

I first met them when we were on the same bill together, and their line-up included a bass player. Even then they were tight and startlingly creative – and accomplished – musicians. Blues can be a genre defined by the obsession of its musicians with playing just like Skip James. The Peaches know all the styles, but break free of them. So Biscuits and Cobblers starts with ‘Iktomi and the Muskrat’ an instrumental which builds in incremements into something more Ennio Morricone than Mississippi John Hurt, and includes ‘Sail Away’, a song which wouldn’t be out of place in a jug band. Their rootsy influences range wider than many of their contemporaries, and that’s what’s exciting about their sound.

You can hear those and other songs on the band’s MySpace. No digital downloads of the complete EP yet, but drop them a message or an email about getting a copy. Even better, catch them tomorrow night at the The Nursery Tavern in Coventry, or make it to Birmingham’s Crossroads Blues Club on Thursday for the launch gig. Good times.


3 thoughts on “Mellow Peaches, ‘Biscuits and Cobblers’

  1. Su says:

    Yay Peaches 🙂

    Is the Crossroads Blues Club the same place as the Tower Of Song?

    Also, since it’s highly unlikely I’ll be able to get there on Thursday, I hereby appoint you my proxy in obtaining one of these CDs.

  2. danhartland says:

    Su: the Tower hosts the Crossroads every Thursday, yes – well spotted. 😛 Consider CD purchased!

    The Bs – huzzah! Let me know how it goes…

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