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Summer Blogging: This Time Last Year…

On the Waters...

On the Waters...

Yesterday, I was planning to write a blog about my gardening attempts (the current economic climate and my ‘save the planet’ zeal have led me to take up gardening and ‘growing your own’).  But then I thought of something else to write about!

I remembered that just before midnight on August 1 last year I found myself flying to Venice for my first Italian holiday.  I was a little anxious, as believe it or not, this was just my third flight, and the first I had ever taken alone (I have a very small carbon footprint!)  As the plane circled above Venice – and I saw the magical city spread out below me, all in squares, with twinkling lights and glistening water – I was hooked.  Getting off the plane, being reunited with Dan and his family, and walking through night-time Venice was, for me, almost like landing on a different planet.  The air was still and hot, it smelt like garlic and something else…almost like age.  Peoples’ voices carried around canalled corners, cutlery clinked, gondoliers cried….

After this first acquaintance with Venice, the next morning, I fell in love with it.  Water buses!  Blue glistening lagoon!  People chatting in coffee bars in so many different languages, history, passion, food.  Just wonderful.  Saint Mark’s Square at night, flower sellers, fish markets, the stifled still air in Canarregio, and the tiny and beautiful little islands.  I don’t know if there is anywhere quite like Venice.  I’d love to see it in different seasons, in winter mists or spring sunshine.  I’m hoping we’ll go back soon…   I think that February Carnival would be an excellent time!


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