Visiting Edinburgh …


We’ve just booked a three-night break in the capital of Scotland. So, for those of you who’ve visited (or those of you who are just plain from there): what should we do when we get there? We’re also really interested in ideas for country trips out of the city on the train. (Reasonable distances only, please – Fort William was considered then quickly dismissed!)

The quality of our visit is in your hands, people.

7 thoughts on “Visiting Edinburgh …

  1. Are you there during the festival/fringe? Because if so, you’ll have loads to do 🙂

    Would highly recommend visiting the Scottish Parliament building. You can book a guided tour when you’re there, or just wander around investigating the place for yourselves.

    The Camera Obscura at the top of the Royal Mile, just below the Castle is also definitely worth a look.

    I’d suggest a day trip to Alnwick, if for nothing other than a trip to Barter Books, but not sure if it meets your definition of “reasonable distance”; it’s about an hour and £30 each by train.

    Oh, and if you’re feeling literary, try find the Oxford Bar, John Rebus’ local :-p

  2. Found your blog via the Edinburgh tag and I suggest you visit my blog for LOTS of ideas (with photos) on places to go, where to eat, things to do, free things to do and if you want any specific advice, please just email 🙂

    Have fun

    p.s you might want to bring a waterproof jacket, it sometimes rains here 😉

  3. These ideas are really good, thank you!

    We won’t be there during the festival, sadly. But we’re hoping to explore the city and take some good walks in the country too! We’ll take a look at the links and blog 🙂

  4. How very odd that we’re considering Edinburgh too. It makes me think of a cold Dubrovnik… even though I’ve never been there (to Edinburgh, I mean).

    Therefore I can’t help; just sayin’!

  5. Su: having never been to Scotland, I think I want to spend every hour of the trip there, even if Barter Books looks fantabulous. There’s obviously bunches to do in Edinburgh, as per Jocelyn and Miss Edinburgh … may post ideas as we have them. Because you need to be bored like that.

    Becky&Pand: GET OUT OF OUR HEADS.

  6. You could go and visit Aileen’s folks? 🙂

    Despite travelling to Edinburgh on a fairly regular basis I feel like I still haven’t done that much stuff in the city as we’re always there visiting family. Hopefully this will change when we’re up for the festival next month. The Camera Obscura was fun though.

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