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The Propriety of His Behaviour Now?

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Clifton Suspension Bridge

We spent much of Friday in Bristol with friends – one of whom is graduating today from the University, so congratulations to him. Dan had never been before, and, though it seems less connected than we’re used to in a city, the centre’s numerous independent stores, elegant stone buildings and quietly creative air meant he was, like Anna (who has visited friends there once before), quite taken with the place. (Particularly, it must be said, with Amoeba in Clifton.) As is well known, too, the bridge is very impressive.

Also suspended this weekend was the public’s disbelief: the Tories continue to have the benefit of the political doubt, with their communications director, Andy Coulson, getting away with his connection to the News of the World phone tapping scandle on the basis of Dave’s ‘straight guy’ act. Polly Toynbee gave good conspiracy theory on Saturday, and on Sunday surely a preaching-to-the-choir Matthew D’Ancona all but admitted that the Tories were getting off scott-free mostly because the electorate just wants to trust them?

If the polls weren’t evidence enough, the weekend was fresh evidence that the Conservative Party are for now walking on water.


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