Westward from the High-hilled Plain

A little old to be evacuated...

A little old to be evacuated...

A sunny weekend in the Severn Valley has left us both feeling the need for a rest, but very pleased that we have such good friends. We had lunch on Saturday with friends in Bewdley, and we spent Sunday on the Severn Valley Railway (stopping off at Bewdley again, natch) with another pair of chums. In between, Dan played a set at The Black Boy in Bridgnorth (also a stop on Saturday), for our pals at Acoustic Brew.

Sunday’s steam train shenanigans were part of the SVR’s 1940s weekend – of which there is another next Saturday and Sunday. We were a little concerned that the day might turn into a bit of Oh! what a lovely war nostalgia, but in fact it was sensitively done and had a fine eye for detail. Organisers, re-enactors and visitors alike really got into the spirit of the thing, wearing top notch vintage clothing and enjoying the attractions – from mock battles to period music performances – with a rather lovely community spirit. When the actor playing Winston Churchill ends his Best Bits of Winnie speech with a out-of-character ‘great respect to the Germans – I’d never say anything bad about them in reality’, you know it’s a classer act than a weekend of mere misty-eyed jingoism. We were impressed by the whole thing.

It’s hard to find a stretch of the Severn which isn’t beautiful, but in particular it doesn’t get much better than sitting on the banks at Highley, enjoying a drink in the sun with good friends (and, er, a few American GIs). Time for a good a few winks now, though!


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