Whaling at the Weekend

fadersWe spent much of our weekend in the studio with Mellow Peaches. The Midlands’ finest country blues dynamos, the Peaches were recording a new EP and required both moral and practical support. To this end, we spent a few hours of Saturday at the very fine Blue Whale Studios, where Dan has recorded both of his own EPs, and which boasts a venerable history helping Birmingham acoustic artists get the sound they want. (Many less dedicated studios treat acoustic artists like slightly-easier-to-record electric outfits.)

Recording is a funny old business, and the studio an odd creative environment – simultaneously host to enormous creative energy and the most sedentary place you can be outside your own living room. A lot of time is spent sitting on sofas and reading a book, listening to takes with the minutest of differences and trying to decide, blinded by the wood of otherwise invisible trees, which would appeal best to someone who has never heard the song before. (The sight of people on their millionth listen of a tune trying to imagine themselves into the shoes of a song virgin can be fun or depressing, depending on your outlook!)

Fortunately, we had the reward of one of our famous-amongst-ourselves stir-fries Saturday evening, whilst the Peaches themselves remained trapped in the studio. Still, listening to what was recorded by the close of business on Sunday, it was time well spent. We’ll be directing your ears towards what will be a very fine record by these two talented chaps as soon as it’s released!


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