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A Walk in Enville

Enville Hall was a seat of the Earls of Stamford before that title became extinct. The Grey family survived being denobled, however, and still live in the house, with its rambling estates encompassing much of what was once a private racecourse and some of what is now appropriately known as the Sheepwalks.

The Sheepwalks

The Sheepwalks

The countryside around Enville Hall is stunning, with views of Kinver and the Malverns from its heights, and fields of bluebells and calm-running streams in its dips. We spent hours on Saturday rambling across the fields – most of which have no discernible paths – with only some slightly vague internet directions and an OS map for company. The large circle beginning and ending at Enville village (where the church has the tombs of crusaders and the pub local ales) is well worth travelling out for: we have a friend who refers to Staffordshire only as ‘God’s own country’; we like to mock him for it, but sometimes it’s harder than others.

And the Earls of Stamford? Granted the title in 1628, they showed their gratitude to Charles just twenty years later, when the first earl’s heir made himself a regicide. Charmed, I’m sure.


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