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The Daily Star

Every now and then you’re reminded forcibly how narrowly you can experience the world. Often it’s not someone else’s comparatively expansive perspective that does it, either. No, sometimes it’s reminding yourself how many people are still total shits. This is the danger of knowing lots of nice, reasonable people and reading stuff written by nice, reasonable people: when you’re on a train at night with nothing to read but a discarded Daily Star, you might turn to their ‘Text Maniacs’ section . Here are the thoughts of some of the Star’s readership, as printed today.

Immigt’n Minister Rob Woolnas, you send the Gurkhas, who’ve been our best help 4 ages, back home and u keep all the trash! U shud get rid of all the ILLEGALS & all the Choudaries over here, or we’ll never be gr8 again. The Gurkhas will help 2 kick them all out & stop ’em allcoming back. GET A GRIP. Hillsy

Who Rob Woolnas is I’m not sure, but Phil Woolas I’m certain would be greatly enthused by this fascist’s suggestion of martial immigration law administered by, er, foreigners. Also, I’m not sure what the Choudaries have done to Hillsy, but I bet they’re wishing they hadn’t now. (Naturally, another correspondent makes the cogent point that Anjem Choudary would not receive state benefits under sharia law. Take that, Anjem!)

The people who have dishonoured our brave gurkhas should be sacked – how dare they? But it is fine to fill out towns and cities with easten europeans who are only interested in fighting for benefits. Its a disgrace. Come on brits lets take this country back off the pubilc school boys. paul heath

Are Paul’s rivers of blood filled with foreigners, toffs, or both? Hard to say, but obviously his proud defense of the inherent fairness and social conscience of this great welfare-providing nation is deeply heart-warming.

Gurkhas fought wiv us ww1 & ww2 falklands iraq afghanistan but only officers allowed to stay. could expect this from the Tory gov. but labour? U lost my vote. Glyn

Glyn the socialist will of course be helping to vote out the Labour party he sees as his natural political ally in a little over 12 months’ time.

There’s a serious point to be made amidst all this about how the Labour movement has failed to take their natural constituency with them on many of the most important policy issues of the day; that in failing to address the section of the population simultaneously most hard to reach but most important to their electoral base Labour has eviscerated its own coalition; but I am currently too depressed that there is a national newspaper printing this rubbish to bother.


8 thoughts on “Text Maniacs

    • trouble gledhill says:

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it…I’m happy to be a text maniac, we brighten up folks lives every day as the comments on our facebook page will give evidence too..get back to being sad,with nothing better to do than criticise folk who are as entitled as you to express their opinions..just because their opinions differ from yours it does not mean YOUR opinion is the right one..get off your soapbox and cheer up,get out more, have some fun n remove the stick from your arse

    • linda j says:

      Hi Tum, you r so right re tm page. Can’t go a day without it. Nice to meet you. I have agoraphobia, so can’t get out to meet u all, but so wanna be a maniac. I will kp trying for a mention. Best wishes, Linda

  1. Sarah Pintdrinker says:

    They may not always be the best phrased texts, or indeed the best use of grammar – but these texts are th voice of Britain. The word on the street. A place for people to vent their anger and stand up and be counted. Maybe the Government would do well to listen to a few more…..

    • linda j says:

      Hi Sarah, i love our maniacs page too. I love hearing other peoples views on how our world is today and the wit there sometimes makes my day. Nice to meet you. I wanna be a maniac too, so will kp trying. Best wishes, Linda

  2. Paddy Doherty, (my big fat Gypsy wedding), It would be nice to know how a poor uneducated and victimized man like this, can have such a lavish life style, when us bona fide tradesmen, who are struggling to survive, are wondering how we will meet our obligations of: mortgage, tax, national insurance, advertising, staying within the law and giving value for money, when when he can make such a good living with a bit of”left over Tarmac” ? What are we all doing wrong ? I rest my case.

  3. Teresa Cahill says:

    Hello every one I,m polish paddy Belfast I would concider myself a text maniac I love it and yes every one has there own opinion right or wrong but it’s there opinion and they are into tiled to it free speech for all long live the maniacs

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