Occupation For An Idle Hour

Excessively Diverting BlogCardinal Wolsey has bestowed much honour upon this blog by selecting us for an Excessively Diverting Blog award, a meme set in motion by the folks over at Jane Austen Today. Apparently, this means we “uphold the highest standards in the art of the sparkling banter, witty repartee, and gentle reprove”. Which is jolly nice of the old rogue.

In return,  we too are required to direct your attention towards some similarly erudite bloggery. The Cardinal has somewhat cheekily already stolen one of our nominees, the constantly entertaining Got Medieval. Nevertheless:

A Suitable Wardrobe – Will is always urbanely waspish, and teaches men to dress well to boot.

Everything is Nice – Martin, on the other hand, is mostly interested in shitehawks (a decidedly unAustenish term) and internet slapfights, but he docouments both so well.

Mercurius Politicus – These here thoughts on sixteenth century England, particularly the years surrounding the Civil Wars, are never less than sparkling and witty, although necessarily sometimes a little sharper than gentle.

Eat Like A Girl – Recipes delivered with just the right soupçon of sass. We also approve of Niamh’s very fine choice of template.

Richard T Kelly – A writer of particular quality, RTK keeps one of the sharper politics and culture blogs around.

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