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guardian-logoAs Martin has already said over on Everything Is Nice, the Guardian’s Weekend magazine has had a makeover.  His Saturday ritual is very similar to ours – we spend much of ours sequestered with The Guardian, usually with Dan reading the news and review sections, and Anna claiming much of everything else.

Anna was very pleased to see the Weekend makeover, mainly because it saw Lucy Mangan lose her deeply annoying column on the page following Tim Dowling’s (and doesn’t he look older in the new photo?). Alas, we soon realised that Mangan has simply been moved over to the agony aunt column, which naturally Anna then read. Dan, meanwhile, got deeply depressed by the news section, particularly Ian Jack’s column about how Britain will be rubbish in the future (but not quite as rubbish as India). Then Will Self rambled a bit about W.G. Sebold.

Saturday was rounded off with us both discovering the Landmark Trust via the Travel section. Possibly this was the best thing about Saturday’s paper. That and, as again Martin pointed out, all the new white space in the mag.


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